My Dinner Date with Sandra (Sandy) Bullock

Bess Bistro, Sandra Bullock's restaurant in Austin, Texas

It was lovely.  Magical.  Charming.  Everything dinner involving a huge celebrity and a respectful, admiring commoner should be.  Not to mention your humble author was definitely an upgrade from her former dinner companion (in both character and appearance.)

The place: Bess Bistro, the restaurant Sandy (as those of us in the “inner circle” know her as) owns in the heart of downtown Austin.  Warm and inviting, Bess Bistro is a cozy place to enjoy good southern food.

Until this trip, I’d never been to Austin, or to Bess Bistro, or to a celebrity-owned restaurant!  Yes I have been living under a rock.

Oops sorry, back to the dinner.  There were so many yummy things to choose from on the menu.  The Croque Monsieur sounded tasty but I wasn’t 100% sure how to pronounce “Croque “(“crock”? “croak”?)  No, that wouldn’t do.  Especially in front of Sandy.  How embarrassing!  So I went with the Pan Roasted Chicken, which was not only easy to pronounce  but unbelievably good. Even better was the bed of cajun corn, crawfish and sausage it was served on. Mmm.  Can I go back yet?

What about Sandy?  Well, that’s the only “thing” (there is always a “thing” you know.  Such a complicated world we live in…) Unfortunately she was two tables away, hiding under a big hat.  That’s one of  the unfortunate things about dim restaurants.  And people who wear hats.  And especially people who wear hats in dim restaurants.

Note to Sandy:  I had an amazing time!  I tried to call you the next morning but the only number I could find reaches your publicist’s office in Los Angeles. I’m sure it’s just some type of mix-up and look forward to your call.

I’m sure we will talk soon.  I will let you know.

xo Adrienne

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