Twinkle Twinkle Little… Mason Jar?

When I was little, my mom and aunts would go “shopping” in my grandma’s attic.  My grandma has been collecting things for years… Spode dishes, mirrors, picture frames, crocks, antique furniture…you name it, she’s got it.  Growing up, I watched items cycle through our house and my aunt’s houses.  The cycle would go something like this:

1. Mom would discover something in the attic and bring it home.  Let’s say it’s a toy wagon (true story).
2. I think it held flower pots for awhile, then moved to various rooms around the house.
3.  Eventually mom got tired of said wagon and banished it back to grandma’s attic.
4. Years later, one of my mom’s sisters was digging around the attic and lo and behold what did she find…the toy wagon!
5.  After awhile she got tired of it too and brought it back to grandma’s.
6. Mom rediscovered the wagon and brought it home again.  Everyone deserves a second chance!  Even toy wagons.
7. Repeat steps 3-6.

Now that I have my own place, my mom and I go shopping at grandma’s house together.

Last time I was there, I found one of my favorite things: Mason jars!

I love Mason jars.  I want to drink iced tea out of them in the summer and use them as vases to hold flowers.

I also like the look of Mason jars fillIed with sand and candles, so that’s what I did with the jars from grandma’s.  I had six jars in different sizes and colors (some aqua, some clear) and went to Wal-Mart to pick up white sand, which I found in the craft section. I also got an assortment of white candles:  pillar candles for the taller jars and votives and tea lights for the smaller jars.

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