The Ritzy Rose: Making Miranda Lambert’s Brooch Bouquet

A couple weeks ago, I posted a few of my favorite Etsy finds for weddings – including gorgeous brooch bouquets by The Ritzy Rose.  Jennifer Diehl, the creative force behind The Ritzy Rose, is another Midwestern lady (from Ohio!) and the creator of Miranda Lambert’s beautiful brooch bouquet for her May 2011 wedding.

See it?  It’s so pretty!  (US Magazine)

With permission from Jennifer to share her great behind-the-scenes photos, I thought it would be fun to show the creation process from start to finish.

First, Miranda asked each guest at her bridal shower to bring a brooch for her bouquet.  She ended up receiving 71 brooches, which were carefully wrapped and shipped to The Ritzy Rose!

Once she received them, Jennifer sorted through the brooches…
Then organized them into clusters.

In addition to the brooches Miranda sent, Jennifer filled in with vintage brooches from her collection, including  a guitar and a locket for family photos.  I love how each piece tells a story, whether it’s something fun and symbolic like the  guitar or a brooch from a friend or family member.

Maybe this is why I’m not married yet.

I didn’t know about brooch bouquets until just recently.

Mr. Right you may now feel free to enter my life!

Ta da!  The beautiful finished product.

Jennifer even created this special custom carrier to transport the bouquet.

If you’re getting married, or if you now find it necessary to renew your vows so you too can carry a beautiful brooch bouquet, get in touch with The Ritzy Rose!

The Ritzy Rose
The Ritzy Rose on Etsy


6 thoughts on “The Ritzy Rose: Making Miranda Lambert’s Brooch Bouquet

  1. Mads

    Wow! That’s incredible!
    My friend just got married and had brooches and feathers throughout her bouquet of flowers. I’m pretty sure all of the brooches were from the women in her family. Very cool idea.

    1. Midwestern Belle Post author

      Yes the Ritzy Rose is amazing! I’m a big fan of her work 🙂

      I love that your friend did brooches and feathers, especially since the brooches were from her family!

  2. lynda trinkouse

    Where is the process?? All you said was she made clusters…! How… glue, wire, foam?? How many in a cluster… 3.5.7?? How do they stand up??

    1. Midwestern Belle Post author

      Hi Lynda! Thanks for your comment. I didn’t receive specific information on how Jennifer made the clusters, although my best guess is she used wire and the number in a cluster depends on the size of the brooches. Just a guess though 🙂


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