Colorado & Wyoming Road Trip…

Last Thursday I got up at 4 AM, threw a couple last-minute things in my suitcase and drove across Kansas on a girls trip to Colorado.

We drove…

And drove.

And when we got close to Ft. Collins, we could finally see the mountains in the distance.



After Ft. Collins, we drove an hour through mountains that looked exactly like this – rocky with a river running alongside the road. In other words, beautiful! It’s a good thing I wasn’t driving because I took a million pictures.

We crossed the Poudre River…

And drove down this gravel road…

Until we got to a log home in the woods.  If you haven’t stayed in a log house in the woods lately (or ever…), I highly recommend it!  Think fires in a wood burning stove, wine chilling out on the porch and a whole sky of glittery stars at night because, well, there aren’t any city lights or pesky neighbors’ floodlights to overpower them. Yes, there are also bears and mountain lions lurking in the woods but I tried not to think about them.

After a couple of days in Colorado, we took a quick trip up to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

This is Wyoming.

Hello Wyoming!

I’d never been there before.

One of the first places we went was this great store called The Wrangler in downtown Cheyenne.

We headed straight for this aisle and didn’t move for almost an hour.  They have an AWESOME selection of cowboy boots!

My favorite pair was from Corral Boots.  Aren’t they pretty?

On Monday morning, we had to tear ourselves away from the mountains for the long drive back home.  As we left I took one last picture of the Poudre River…

Not bad for a Monday morning.

xo Adrienne

2 thoughts on “Colorado & Wyoming Road Trip…

  1. Colorado Travel

    Oh Colorado is a wonderful state but Boots is really the appeal in Wyoming, there are just so many designs and colors I just love boots! Colorado is a wonderful place to go if you love nature and the outdoors!


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