An Ode to 2011

I’ve never written a poem before

Except a few high school  that seemed like such a chore

But since February I’ve loved meeting you here

Even if some of my posts made you sneer

You’ve put up with my Miranda Lambert obsession

Not to mention my pageant confession

In April I went to Vegas with my ex

But you probably won’t guess what happened next

I lost my money in the Sex & the City slot machine

And still can’t forgive Carrie Bradshaw for being so mean

In May you learned about my love of mason jars

And some things that probably went a little too far

Yet every post came back to one common theme

Apparently I like to drink a little more than it would seem

In June I detoxed by the sea

And stalked celebrities in Nashville, Tenessee

Then when the days got real hot

Outside I was not

Because when you wear this much makeup it’s a guarantee you’ll melt

So inside all day I dwelt

Next came fall and my trip the west

I’d tell you all about it but I’ll let you read the rest

So thank you friends, family and people I’ve never met

For visiting Midwestern Belle on the Internet

I’m excited to spend 2012 with you

And hope the New Year brings you good things, too

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