Saturday in Parkville

I spent Saturday afternoon in Parkville, an adorable small town on the Missouri River, about twenty minutes north of Kansas City.

Cute with lots of shops and restaurants, it’s the type of place that could make all but the most accommodating boyfriends and husbands wish they were in the hospital recovering from kidney stones instead of milling about in gift shops. So best to grab your sisters, mom or girlfriends and leave any wet towels at home.

Despite the fact it’s drizzling rain here in Kansas City this morning, Saturday was actually nice and sunny. I started the day with a peppermint latte at Parkville Coffeeshop then headed to a couple shops to finish up my Christmas shopping.

There are lots of great places to check out but my favorite is Florilegium, a boutique filled with yarn, ribbon, lace and all kinds of knitting and sewing supplies. Not that I actually knit…let’s just say I started a scarf last year and it’s still the same size as a bookmark. But a girl can browse, right? 🙂

Other favorite places are the Farmer’s Market and River’s Bend Gallery, which has the best pottery and hand-blown glass (think pretty hummingbird feeders, funny handmade wine stoppers, that kind of thing.)

As you can probably tell, I could write about cute small towns until the sun goes down, but for your sake I won’t because that would require a lot of reading. So, if you live close by and want to take a trip to Parkville, check out their website for more info and directions, as you really can’t rely on me for navigational purposes.

On another note, only a few more days until Christmas! Are you ready? I just have a few more gifts to buy, several more days of non-stop Celine Dion holiday music marathons and two chocolate bourbon pecan pies to make. In other words, it’s shaping up to be a solid holiday season. I hope you’re enjoying it, too!

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