A Ritzy Wedding: Bouquets + More by The Ritzy Rose

Brooch bouquet by The Ritzy Rose. Photo by Sonja Revells.

I’m so excited about today’s post! I first stumbled across The Ritzy Rose (aka husband and wife team Jen and Jason Diehl) on Etsy back in June 2011. I didn’t realize until I started poking around their Etsy shop that Jen had designed a custom brooch bouquet for Miranda Lambert the month before!

Since then, it’s been so much fun to watch The Ritzy Rose’s story unfold. Jen’s amazing work has been featured in Country People, US Weekly, Country Living and on a number of websites and blogs, and The Ritzy Rose has expanded to include a number of handmade and vintage items in addition to brooch bouquets.

Jen was nice enough to do an email interview with me in between creating items, discovering vintage goods and running her business. I hope you enjoy seeing what she’s been up to!

Photos by The Ritzy Rose unless otherwise credited.

How has your life changed since creating Miranda Lambert’s brooch bouquet for her May 2011 wedding?

Miranda Lambert’s custom brooch bouquet. Photo by Robert Evans Photography.

The most significant change is that with all of the new clients that found me shortly after Miranda’s wedding, I was able to quit my corporate job designing for Limited Brands, and work out of my studio full time. This has changed The Ritzy Rose from being a fledgling company to being my full time job, and my obsession.

Looking through your creations, each bouquet and item is unique! Does your design background help you tailor your work to match each couple’s personality and the style of their wedding?

Handmade jewelry and brooch bouquet by The Ritzy Rose. Photos by Katie Lewis Photography.

For most things that I do, I draw from my years of designing for large companies. However this particular challenge of really channeling what it is that a couple wants is something that I didn’t really have to face when I was designing in a large scale corporate environment. While we were always trying to figure out what would make our customer “tick”, we were always referring to our customer as a general entity- all of the women who shopped at our store. In my business, I have the opportunity to get to know each client personally. One client can be completely different from the last, and it’s my job to ask her the right questions to figure out what will make her fall in love with my work.

Five pennies were incorporated into this bouquet as a nod to the bride’s late grandfather, to represent a joke they shared. Family photos are displayed in the locket. Photo by Andi Grant.

I love when I get to the point of working with a client that she says she’s more excited about the bouquet than any other detail of her wedding… That means I have succeeded! I have so much fun doing this, and I want my brides to be just as excited about it as I am!

I’m loving the new items like cake toppers and individual brooches to adorn wedding cakes. How do you work with the couple and their baker to create the perfect adornment for a wedding cake?

Cake topper includes Victorian and rhinestone brooches – some are over 100 years old.

Thanks! I ask the bride to provide me any information that she’s gotten from the baker about the specifications of her cake. I like to know what the dimensions are of the top tier, the height of each tier, etc. I usually like to get the baker’s contact info in case I need to reach out to them with any specific questions.

I’ve also started offering a package of brooches for the bride who really wants to carry fresh flowers, but loves the idea of mixing brooches in. I provide a set of brooches that is wired and wrapped, which the bride can give to her florist to arrange within her bouquet. This also works nicely if the bride is carrying a full brooch bouquet, and she wants to tie in a few brooches for her bridesmaids.

What about the guys? Is there anything for grooms so they don’t feel left out?

I’m glad you asked!! My husband, Jason, has proven to be a little more creative than I ever realized. It all started with a request to create a boutonniere for one of my client’s grooms. I passed this off to him, and I was blown away with what he came up with. He has developed an impressive collection ready-to-ship boutonnieres for grooms to choose from, and he works with the bride and groom to create custom pieces by request.

Boutonnieres: (clockwise from top right): watch face, copper rose, something blue; spark plug, resistors, washers and of course some bling; with corresponding brooch bouquet.

Some of his coolest pieces have included shotgun shells with flowers growing out of the shell; mini bout’s with .38 caliber shells, spark plug, watch faces, light bulbs, computer chips, race cars, vintage mini arcade games, fishing lures and sinkers; the list goes on. We’ve gotten a fantastic response to these already, and I really believe that he has tapped into something that can be huge!

It sounds like you and Mr. Ritzy Rose travel throughout the Midwest to find brooches and other vintage items. Do you have any favorite stops along the way…Restaurants, shops or places you go for inspiration?

We have the usual antique malls and vintage flea markets that we regularly hit. We love to go to Amish Country to shop and unwind… The two hour car ride there and back helps us chat about things other than work, and we love sampling the delicious fresh cheese and meats there.

We also travel to New York to visit my family and shop for work several times a year. We try to always hit up ABC Home for out of this world inspiration. We always stop at Fishs Eddy across the street, as well as John Derian.

You can find Jen (and Jason!) at TheRitzyRose.com and on Etsy.

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