Today is My Anniversary. With…Myself!

Hey guys! Guess what? Today I’ve been blogging for an entire year.

When I started Midwestern Belle, I hadn’t done much writing since college, where I was an English major for a brief semester before switching to marketing. I never – in a million, trillion years – thought I would be writing several times a week, much less sharing that writing on the Internet for anyone and everyone to see.

Strangers. Friends. Parents. Ex boyfriends. My hair lady.

See, until February 15, 2011, when I started this blog, I had perfected the art of being friendly and outgoing without really having to share much if any personal information at all.

But the teeny, weeny problem with blogging is that you don’t have anything to hide behind.

It was scary at first, but I’ve learned so much over this past year…about writing, about photography and most importantly about myself.

Thank you for being along for the ride, for encouraging me even before I really found my voice, for your nice comments and thoughtful emails.

So, in honor of my one year anniversary, I spent some time reading my own blog for a change to put together a few of my favorite posts from this past  year. I’d forgotten about some of these posts, so it was fun to take a look back and remind myself what actually happened over the past year in between late night photo editing and early morning post writing…


Rude Awakening Coffeehouse in Fayetteville, NC

Milton’s in Lawrence, KS

Java Break in Lawrence, KS


The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Frosting

Grammie Margo’s Strawberry Cake [A recipe from my great-grandma]

Favorite Things

Mason jars

Brooch bouquets

My Favorite Measuring Cups


Downtown Hilton Austin

Las Vegas

Williamson County, Tennessee

Colorado & Wyoming


4 thoughts on “Today is My Anniversary. With…Myself!

  1. Coffee

    Congratulations! Just one of the many milestones you’ll hit I’m sure. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the next 365 days. Btw – Thanks for the cinnamon roll recipe…those things are amazing!


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