Pop Culture

1. Last Thursday I discovered this adorable picture of teacup pigs on People.com and it completely made my day.

And the next day.

And the day after.

2. I finally broke down and had my little sister explain what all the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” fuss is about. Now, I realize some of you have known about these precious gems for some time now and my only question is: Why have you been keeping them from me?!














If you have 10 hours of your life to spare, check out this site. You won’t be sorry.

My abs still hurt from laughing so hard. (But they do look more defined now.)

3. Do you all love The Voice as much as I do? This guy is amazing.

4. There are no words. Although that is a pretty sweet deal on the buffalo skull display rack.

5. I’m so excited a new season of Khloe & Lamar started last night.

Confession: the Kardashians are the only reason I don’t cancel my cable.


But true.

6. And are Kim and Reggie getting back together?! I realize they only met for lunch but what does that mean?

7. I loved Carrie Underwood’s gown/hair/makeup at the Grammys. Gorgeous.

8. I’ve also been listening to Katy Perry’s new song “Part of Me” nonstop since the Grammys.

Mwahaha take that Russell Brand.

9. I *almost* wanted to do another pageant after running across these glittery pink heels on Pinterest, but the thought of spending an hour and a half in the gym every day and snacking on carrot sticks 24/7 was more than I could handle.

10. Wedding videography is generally bor-ring but this one is in a whole different, rock star category.

Is it weird that I cried during someone else’s wedding video?



I thought so too.

6 thoughts on “Pop Culture

    1. Midwestern Belle Post author

      Me too!! I didn’t get the Ryan Gosling craze when The Notebook first came out (as much as I love the movie)…But now I totally get it 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by! Wish I were heating up some Thai Peanut Noodles for lunch 🙂

  1. Skyler

    I never understood the whole Ryan Gosling obsession until I saw Crazy Stupid Love. Now I know how celebs get stalkers. Yuuuummmmeeeerrrrssss.


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