Wide Open Prairie

I’m sitting here at The Roasterie, one of my favorite coffee shops in Kansas City, thinking about a fun girls trip I took a couple Fridays ago.

Two of my good girlfriends and I had the day off, so we did what any 20-something girls would do: We got up early and took a road trip through the Flint Hills in Eastern Kansas. Alright, that’s probably not what most people our age do on a day off. But there was wine – and lots of food – involved, if that helps!

Here’s the view from the back seat. Meet two of my BFFS, Liz and Andrea! I love these girls.

We started our road trip with an hour and a half drive to Dover, Kansas, where we ordered homemade pie at the Sommerset Hall Cafe.  Between the three of us we ordered three slices  – chocolate, coconut cream and strawberry rhubarb – and they were all amazing.

After pie we continued through the Flint Hills to several more small Kansas towns, stopping in each to check things out. When we got to Paxico we sampled wines at Wyldewood Cellars. Yum!

Needing something more substantial than pie and wine, we headed to Puffy’s Steak and Ice House in Maple Hill for some delicious burgers.

After that, we found this cool old church in Maple Hill.

Oh…your girls trips don’t involve old churches surrounded by graveyards?

That’s weird.

Hoping to feel slightly more our age, we finished the day with drinks at a little place called The Bourgeois Pig in Lawrence before heading home.

Ahh…days off are wonderful. Especially when all you do is eat, drink and shop in beautiful Kansas.

7 thoughts on “Wide Open Prairie

  1. Lindsay

    That sounds like the perfect way to spend a day with your girlfriends! Wandering and getting lost in a new place is so much fun…add food and shopping and it’s a homerun. And that picture is amazeballs!

  2. Brett

    The wide open sky and its soft colors are terrific! Nice shot! I’ve driven across Kansas and have some great memories of gorgeous sky scenery against the endless hills and fields. This brings back some of that trip.


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