A Giveaway: The Pioneer Woman’s New Cookbook

The Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook, Food From My Frontier, comes out today! I received her first cookbook as a Christmas gift last year and everything I’ve made has turned out great: her Cinnamon Rolls, Chocolate Brownies with Mocha Icing, Chicken Fried Steak…

Suddenly, this breakfast smoothie in my hand looks so boring.

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To enter this giveaway, answer the following question in the comments section of this post:

What was the last cookbook you bought?

There was some confusion during the last giveaway, so please know that is all you have to do to enter once. If you’d like to increase your chances of winning, you can gain additional entries by following the step below:


1. Are you a fan of Midwestern Belle on Facebook? If so, let me know! If not, “like” the page. Either way, don’t forget to swing back here and leave a comment below.

Winner will be chosen on Friday!

Winner will be chosen using Random.org and announced on Friday, March 16, 2012. All entries must be received by midnight Pacific Time on Thursday, March 15, 2012. Any entries received after this time will not be considered. Open to US residents only. Giveaway is sponsored by Midwestern Belle and is not affiliated with any an outside company, brand, organization, individual, entity, deity or the like. The End.

243 thoughts on “A Giveaway: The Pioneer Woman’s New Cookbook

  1. Rebecca W

    the last cookbook i bought was called Peanut Butter Planet-all things peanut butter and different flavor combos for making your own!

  2. Angela

    The last cookbook I bought that was new was a weight watchers points one. It has been great. The banana nut bread in it is super easy. I have purchased several vintage ones though lately.

  3. Melissa

    I just got the Baking Illustrated Cookbook- SO helpful. Definitely a basic cookbook everyone should have.
    I also liked you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter!

  4. Nancy

    Just ordered Inside America’s Test Kitchen and was considering The Pioneer Woman Cooks (I enjoy the show).

  5. Grandma

    Hmmmmmm? Let’s see…the last cookbook I bought? That would have to be All Things Chocolate! Also, received a gift of Alton Brown’s Book II, which I love. Good info on those pages.

  6. Susan

    The last one I bought was one of Rachel Ray’s, but the last cookbook I checked out at the library was the Pioneer Woman’s first one!

  7. Gina Webbe Herman

    The last cookbook I bought was a Trisha Yearwood cookbook I found, slightly distressed, in the clearance section of Borders. Love it. Great comfort food, makes me wonder if she follows PW and vice versa.

  8. Teri S

    Ok don’t laugh to loud, but I was at the copy center the other day and they had a HUGE church cookbook on the counter. 500 pages of recipes from people in a local community. It was called 2nd Ward CookBook
    I bought it…lol and so far I am baffled with the amount of lard was actually passed down in recipes. 😀

  9. Lauren S

    The last cookbook I bought was Tim Allen’s “The Food You Want to Eat” — such a great book! Simple, satisfying food that still looks impressive to friends/family 🙂

    I just followed you on twitter as well, looking forward to your tweets!

    1. Lauren S

      Oh gosh, I wrote Tim Allen and meant to say TED Allen. Sheesh. Tim Allen’s cookbook… would it include power tools? haha

  10. Kait

    Skinny Bitch: Ultimate Everyday Cookbook: Crazy Delicious Recipes that Are Good to the Earth and Great for Your Bod, thanks!

  11. honorcrownedcrafts

    Oh, my…that question’s a bit harder than you might think…ummm…How about the last one I recieved as a gift? (since that’s usually how I get them I guess, irk!) It was an Amish cookbook from the Amana Colonies, & it has some very tasty pie reciepes in it! 🙂
    The photography in Ree’s new book looks insane! One might have to hang it on the wall as art! Thanks for the chance to win it!
    expectfaith at yahoo.com – http://www.honorcrownedcrafts.com

  12. Erin

    I recently got my husband a tagine, so we got a tagine cookbook with beautiful photography to accompany it!

  13. Angelique Drummond

    The last cookbook I bought was Better Homes and Gardens Cut the Sugar. Thanks for the opportunity! Our family is a big fan of Ree “the pioneer woman” Drummond 🙂
    Also I am a new follower of yours on twitter.

  14. Robin Dance (@PensieveRobin)

    Ha! The last cookbook I bought was Ree’s FIRST PW cookbook! I gave it as a gift (because I had one) :).

    It would be an absolute thrill to win an autographed copy…I’ve followed her blog so long, I forget sometimes we haven’t actually met.

    Thanks for the chance…crossing my fingers!!

  15. pam

    The last cookbook I bought was a wonderful compilation of recipes from the women at my church! But that was several years ago – I need a new one!

  16. predsgal

    Hi! The last cookbook I bought was “Kid’s Cooking: A Very Slightly Messy Manual” for my son to spend more time in the kitchen with me.

    I also started following you on Twitter. 🙂

  17. Rose Marie B

    The last cookbook I bought for myself was Ree’s first book! The pages are getting sticky and well-worn, so I’m overdue for a new one. 🙂

    PS I followed you on Twitter @okroserock


  18. Nan in Tucson

    The last cook book I bought, was probably in or around 1980 … a cook book put together by the ladies of Nobleboro, Maine. I can’t find it now, must have lost it when moving to Tucson.

  19. Lori

    I don’t buy cookbooks… but the one I was given was the first PW book! It’d be great to get the second one!

  20. Tami Balzanna

    The last cookbook I bought was Ree ‘s first cookbook for my girlfriend’s birthday, we were not able to hook up for aout a month so me and my two dfaughters started reading the book and cooking several recipes from the book. We thought for sure by the time we gave the book as her gift it would be full of food splashes and water marks. The book made it to my friend but now my daughters and I miss it terrible and need to get another to replace it! This would be a wonderful gift for us 🙂 Thank you and yes we are a fan of your FB and Twitter

  21. Brittanie Beckerich

    Ironically the last cookbook I bought was the Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an accidental country girl. Isn’t it amazing!?!? love her!

  22. Ashley M.

    The last cookbook I bought was Jamie Oliver’s Food Around America for my uncle for Christmas! I need to buy a new one! Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Kevin Decker

    The last cookbook I bought was Real Thai: The Best of Thailand’s Regional Cooking. I picked it up in a used bookstore. My kids loved the grilled beef recipe and I love the spicy hot dipping sauce that goes with it. YUM!

  24. KatieB

    Just followed you on Twitter (@katieburkie) my last cookbook purchased was Flour by Joanne Chang, it’s amazing

  25. Julie

    Last cookbook purchased – The Homesick Texan Cookbook by Lisa Fain! It’s a great book and she has a great site also (even if you’ve never lived in or loved Texas!)

  26. Chelsey

    The last cookbook I bought was actually a gift for someone else, it was Quick & Easy Thai: 70 Everyday Recipes by Nancie McDermott and Alison Miksch.

  27. MVaughan

    Last cookbook I bought was the first Pioneer Woman cookbook. It is awesome. I do love all the recipes and have a few printed off from her website that were not in the first cookbook. I think every new bride should get one. It is really teaches you some basics of cooking. I would LOVE to win the second one!

  28. Kim

    Funny story: I actually pre-ordered The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook as a gift for two of my friends. But, I wasn’t able to get one for myself.

  29. Nandini B

    Real Simple’s Dinner Tonight:Done! I bought it before our first beach vacation to help with simple dinner ideas. It’s a great book. 🙂

  30. Melissa Lewis

    Last cookbook I bought was a velveta cookbook. I would love to win this and try all her amazing recipes for my family..

  31. Tommye Linan

    Actually, the last cookbook I bought was the Pioneer Woman’s first cookbook. Love, love, love it.

  32. Donna Tice

    The last cookbook I bought was a Rachel Ray cookbook. I would love the Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook!

    I have also followed you on Twitter, and I’m going to like you on Facebook!


  33. Claire

    The last cookbook I bought was barefoot contessa entertaining. I would love to get my hands on the pioneer woman’s newest cookbook! I love all of her recipes!!

  34. Stephanie

    The Cooking with Pheeling Cookbook, a cookbook full of recipes using Philedelphia’s Cooking Creme. Amazing!

  35. Stephanie

    I got the Cooking with Pheeling cookbook. It’s a book with recipes using the Philedelphia Cooking Creme! It’s amazing!! 🙂

  36. Kristen W.

    The last cook book i bought was The Pioneer Woman’s 1st cookbook about a year ago! I love it so much and really want this one!!

  37. Birdie

    Sadly, I have never bought a cookbook. I’ve been given cookbooks though. I have one for cooking with kids, and then a few of our communities cookbooks (the members of our community come together & donate their recipes, build a recipe book out of it & sell the recipe books for fundraisers!)!

    I would love to have a The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook on my shelf! I am a country girl & LOVE comfort food! 🙂

  38. Janet Johnson

    Last cookbook I bought was the Pioneer Woman’s first cookbook. Great cookbook, beautiful pictures and very easy to use recipes. Would love to win her new book. 🙂

  39. Doris

    Oh My Gosh, can’t remember the last one I bought. I must have about 50-60 cookbooks and I love them all.

  40. Sandy Manning

    My last cookbook purchase was “Carrabba’s.” I love their food and can’t afford to go there!

  41. Mary O.

    I found a used copy of HEB’s 100th Anniversary Cookbook at a reasonable price at a local bookstore. It replaces the one my daughter “borrowed”. It is a beautiful book of Texas recipes and I wish I had bought several when they first came out. My next cookbook purchase will be Ree’s!

  42. Tammy P.

    I bought The Pioneer Woman’s first cookbook as Christmas gifts for my daughter-in-law and 2 of my cousins.

  43. Jordan

    P-Dub’s first cookbook was the last one I purchased. I am dying to see what all she put in her new one!!

  44. Kim K

    The last cookbook I bought was “Scoop: 125 Specialty Ice Creams from the Nation’s Best Creameries” by Ellen Brown.

  45. Ashley

    The last one I got was a Christmas cookies books. But the first cookbook I ever got was the Pioneer Woman!

  46. Stephanie @ Legally Blinde

    I think that all of the cookbooks I have were given to me as gifts – I’m not sure I’ve ever bought any for myself. That being said, the most recent cookbook I received was Ree’s first cookbook! So excited for her second one – thanks for a great giveaway!

  47. SueJ

    The last cookbook I bought was Ree’s first cookbook! I had never heard of her, and have been totally hooked since!!

  48. Kate W.

    I think it was a Christmas cookie exchange book..either that or a church/community cookbook from the thrift store.

  49. Gina

    My 4 yr old helped me pick out a cookbook at a library sale. Its called The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces by Diane Seed.

  50. Kat

    It was “the big book of juice” lol, I juiced for a while during a detox kick! It was actually really fun and tasty!! And also Ina Gartens back to basics 🙂

  51. abbe

    the updated “how to cook everything” by mark bittman. i’ve had the original for 12 years and it is well loved.


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