YOUR Cookbooks… Revealed!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It must be your *lucky* day (ha ha ha) because today I wanted to share a few of the cookbooks you’ve been enjoying lately! As you might remember, this past week I hosted a giveaway (thank you so much to everyone who entered by the way!) where I asked you to share the last cookbook you bought in the comments section. I had so much fun discovering new cookbooks that I decided to pick five to share here today:

1. Joy the Baker Cookbook

Many of you are loving Joy’s new cookbook and it’s easy to see why! Like you, I enjoy her blog for its beautiful photography and honest writing and her cookbook is no different. Plus, I can’t turn down a cookbook that includes a recipe for Single Lady Pancakes. Because…I’m a single lady. And I like pancakes.

2. The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook

Oh my gosh, this one looks delicious. Although I’m a little afraid to buy it, because I’ll probably end up sitting around watching TV, eating homemade jam straight out of jar. And before I know it, my dishwasher will be filled with a million spoons that look like this:

3. Miette

Ohh, this one is adorable. I’d also love to visit the San Francisco Bakery the cookbook is based on. So cute!

4. Blackberry Farm Cookbook

I was so excited to see the Blackberry Farm cookbook pop up on the list! Blackberry Farm is on my short list of places I can’t wait to visit. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to checking out their cookbook.

5. Bon Appetit Y’all

Yum! Everything about this cookbook looks delicious. I’m not sure what I love more – the delicious cornbread on the cover or the y’all in the title.

I really wish I’d grown up just a little farther south so I could say y’all without feeling silly.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! Thank you for all of your comments and great cookbook ideas!

6 thoughts on “YOUR Cookbooks… Revealed!

  1. Melissa

    Fun my cookbook showed up on your final list! You’ll love it. I too have had this place on my must visit list for ages and am finally going in August. Can’t wait

  2. Angela

    I grew up in Shawnee…outside of Kansas City. After living in Wichita for awhile…I now say y’all sometimes. It’s grammatically correct! Everyone should say it ;).


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