Nigro’s Western Store

Cowboy hats at Nigro's Western Store in Kansas City

Travel for my PR job will start to pick up in a few weeks, so I’ve been enjoying a few relaxing, suitcase-free months and the chance to explore my own city. While I’m so grateful I have a job that allows me the opportunity to travel across the country and see so many places I’d never see otherwise, the Midwest is my home and I’m always ready to come back.

Oh, and have I mentioned I have a freakish fear of flying? It’s sort of a bummer as far as the whole traveling thing goes.

A selection of cowboy hats at Nigro's Western Store in Kansas City

Last weekend I had a chance to check out Nigro’s Western Store here in Kansas City. It’s an awesome place where they’re so friendly and helpful you’re walking out with a pair of cowboy boots before you know what hit you.

In all honesty, I’ve been wanting a pair of cowboy boots for long time but I have this…problem. See, my feet are a size 7. Pretty normal as far as women’s sizes go. I’m fine when it comes to most shoes, but any time I attempt to wear boots, my calves just can’t squeeze into 7s. It’s not they’re super toned or muscular. They’re just…big. At least big to be attached to size 7 feet.

Cowboy boots at Nigro's Western Store in Kansas City

Despite this little problem, I couldn’t help browsing around the cowboy boot section at Nigro’s, cursing my big calves as I looked at all of the beautiful pairs of  boots. I decided to try on a pair just for fun and couldn’t believe how close they came to fitting. A miracle!  Then, I learned they have this handy dandy tool that will stretch out your cowboy boots so they fit properly, allowing you to tuck your jeans (or your calves) into them. Yay!

Chaps at Nigro's Western Store in Kansas City

While I was too afraid to look around much more, for fear of what else I’d walk out the door with, they also offer other things in addition to boots: jewelry, denim and horse tack, to name a few. If you’re in the Kansas City area, check them out! They rock!

7 thoughts on “Nigro’s Western Store

  1. Juls

    I understand your calve problem. I have the same thing. Can never find boots of any sort to fit. My cobbler ends up splicing leather into ones I MUST HAVE so that I don’t end up with all ankle boots!

  2. Molly O.

    I think some boots are going to be my next splurge, maybe Mother’s Day! I tried a pair on this week (at a truckstop on my way to Branson!) and I loved them. By the way…they were short to fit my calves!

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