Giveaway: Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen

Remember how I mentioned that travel for my PR job would pick up soon? Well, that time has arrived! I’m in Florida this week, where my hair is a curly mess from the humidity but I’m loving the palm trees and sunshine.

I’ll have some pictures to share soon, but in the meantime, let’s do a giveaway! I don’t own many cookbooks, but I stumbled across Trisha Yearwood’s cookbook Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen at this place called the library and have loved every recipe I’ve tried so far. On a side note, I’ve checked it out so many times (and subsequently forgotten to return it by the due date) that I should’ve just bought it a long time ago, considering the amount I’ve paid in library fines!

So, to prevent you from meeting the same fate (and because I’m excited for her new show on the Food Network) I’m giving away a copy! Some of my favorite recipes from its pages include her Chicken Broccoli Casserole and Warm Feta Dip with Artichokes. I’ve made both several times and know you’ll enjoy them, too!

To Enter

There are two ways you can enter. You can pick one, or do both to increase your chances of winning.

1. Follow Midwestern Belle on Facebook, then swing back here to leave a comment to let me know! If you’re already a follower, just leave a comment saying so.


2. Answer this question in the comments section below: Where is your dream summer vacation destination?

Is it the beach? A villa in Italy? Your hometown for the 4th of July? Inquiring minds (aka me) want to know.

All entries must be received by midnight Pacific time on Sunday. Winner announced on Monday. Happy Friday!

36 thoughts on “Giveaway: Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen

  1. Jill White

    My dream vacation is quiet Edisto Island. Love that there is nothing to do there but sit on the beach.

  2. ducttapeanddenim

    My dream vacation would be a week in a beach cabin without ever getting in a car. Just walking to the beach or a cafe in town. But, of course, it would need hi-speed internet !

  3. Tif

    I liked you on FB! And my dream summer vacation is beautiful Savannah where my parents now live, or Lake Michigan, where I grew up. Ah, summer!

  4. Robyn Mast

    I’m already a follower! My dream summer vacation spot would be ANYWHERE along the coast! I’m in landlocked Alberta so the ocean is a constant dream.

  5. Tonya Urbatsch

    My dream vacation would be New York City – one or two Broadway shows each day for as long as I could stand it.

  6. Julie

    I’m already a follower and also a fan of Trisha Yearwood (and her hubby) for their music AND her recipes. I have one of her cookbooks, DVR her on the Food Network so I don’t miss her. My dream summer vacation would be to explore Oregon and Wyoming. So much of the US I haven’t seen since I was a child and want to do the adult things and appreciate them more! Happy May everyone!

  7. Myla

    I love that cookbook too! I have every intention of making the German Chocolate Cake for my husbands birthday this summer. Her second cookbook, Cooking for Friends and Family, was just as good and we love the corn salsa recipe! I’m actually making for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow. Look for the second book and see what you think!

  8. Lauren Stiles

    Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog today! I just followed you on facebook, and my DREAM vacation for the summer would be to actually go back to jamaica where my husband and I had our honeymoon! I can feel the sand in my toes and taste the wonderful drink in my hand now…

  9. lenwilliamscarver

    LENWILLIAMSCARVER ♦ 05/04/2012 ♦

    The all brick two-story sets on a tree-lined street

    that shades the big porch on the hottest of summer days

    That big porch has seen many a child’s song, or play

    the big elms shade the driveway side of the house and hover over the

    vegetable garden

    beyond the Oak trees along the street is the side yard with a big mulberry tree

    where little girls played Barbies, paper dolls and had many tea parties

    This is my destination for an ideal vacation..time travel to my childhood

    home, Pueblo, Colorado

  10. Linda K

    My dream summer vacation is on a beach. I am a midwestern girl also and there are still a lot of places I would love to travel to but my favorite destination has always been the beach.

  11. Diane Evans

    Just found you from over at Eat Yourself Skinny. Just started following you on Facebook, can’t wait…Hmm, my favorite Summer Vacation spot, well if it is hot here, I would say on a beach, in a hut (with running water and toilets) with a hammock and a good book. Doesn’t matter what country or ocean. The view would be spectacular!

  12. Janelle H.

    Dream summer vacation would be somewhere remote and relaxing, in the mountains or near the ocean

  13. Rachael

    My dream vaction would be staying in an old castle in Scotland in the middle of nowhere, with old log fires and no modern commincation forms. Just me and my husband and some gorgeous landscapes all around us.

  14. b9696day

    My dream vacation would be to go to Italy! The scenery is amazing and I’m a history buff, so anywhere in Europe would be great to visit.

  15. Molly O.

    Now I’m just making a mess of your replies! I had commented that I would love to go to Italy (scenery, history, etc.), but then I messed up my log in! Ugh!

  16. Becky Nixon

    I would love to travel to the Virgin Islands…lay on the beach with a drink in my hand and no tractors driving by us or smell of hogs in the air…..that would be amazing!

  17. michelle settle

    My dream vacation would be a villa in Tuscany with only my husband and a couple of natives to take care of the cooking, cleaning and driving.


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