The Windows

Old window from a church

This old window is from the church in the small town my mom and grandma are from.

Close up of an old church window

It was removed – along with another window – when the church was remodeled a few years ago.

Thankfully, my grandma came to the rescue and saved them!

An Anthropologie lantern hangs in front of an old church window

It didn’t take long for my sister/roommate to discover them, and since almost everything at Grandma’s is available “on loan,” we cleaned them up and put them on our covered patio. They look awesome and add so much personality!

An old church window and pretty orchids from Trader Joe's

This one goes quite nicely with my bargain orchid from Trader Joe’s.

Pretty orchids from Trader Joe's

I’ve kept it alive for a record 2 weeks!

All in all, home decor is typically something I have absolutely no talent in…But I think we did a pretty good job giving these old church windows a second life!

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