Blueberry Fields Forever

My mom and I spent this past Saturday morning at The Berry Patch, this great place south of Kansas City where you can pick your own blueberries! Growing up, we usually made it out there at least once a summer, so we were determined to resurrect the tradition this year – despite the 100+ degree heat we’ve been having lately. (Eeek!)

In an effort to keep from completely melting in the sun, we headed out there early Saturday morning – after fueling up on caffeine at our favorite coffee shop The Roasterie. (Any early morning activity is a good excuse to visit The Roasterie first.)
Buildings at The Berry Patch in Kansas City

Once we got to The Berry Patch, our first stop was the main building on the property, where we grabbed buckets to hold our blueberries. I was overly ambitious and grabbed two buckets for each of us. Ha ha ha. More on that later.

Sleeping kittens

We passed by the furry residents of The Berry Patch on our way to the blueberry fields. For a minute I wished I was napping in the shade, too…until I realized there’s no way I can sleep after drinking a giant iced latte.

I loved this sweet old guy, too. He was camped out in the shade, trying to stay cool.


Rows of blueberries

We had been instructed to head to Field #12, where we’d find the “late varieties” of blueberries.

My mom carefully picks all the good blueberries from each bush before moving on to the next one, whereas I get bored and move quickly down the rows. I try to always stay in earshot though so we can talk. Plenty of time to visit is one of the highlights of blueberry picking!

Blueberries at The Berry Patch in Kansas City, MO

When picking, you want to pick the ripe blueberries (the dark blue ones), while leaving the unripe berries undisturbed so they can continue to ripen.

It’s definitely an art form.

Picking blueberries

Success! One ripe berry picked. Only 1,000 left to go to fill up my bucket.

Unfortunately, despite the fact we’d headed out there early, it got hot pretty quickly. So we took some breaks in the shade.

A rare photo of me! Please note that is not sweat on my t-shirt. I had just poured ice water down my neck in a (failed) attempt to stay cool.

After two balmy hours of picking, here was the fruits of our labor: Two buckets, each only 1/4 filled. Not as much as we’d hoped, but it was great to spend a morning hanging out with my mom and I’ve enjoyed fresh blueberries every day this week!

4 thoughts on “Blueberry Fields Forever

  1. Grandma

    Great pic of you! There are things I would get up early on a hot day to do, but for blueberries? No way! Am I the only old grump that doesn’t like them? I’ve tried, just don’t get all the excitement about them. Now blackberries, yep! See you soon.

  2. Kathie Truitt

    I just found out about you from Cat at Vintage Housewife. I’m an author living in Virginia just across the river from Washington DC. I’m known as Hillbilly Debutante. If you like small town living then you’ll love my latest novel, “The Hillbilly Debutante Cafe”, It takes place just two hours south of you in the small town of El Dorado Springs, Missouri. (Take Highway 71 south, then turn east on highway 54 at Nevada, MO…54 will take you straight to El Dorado Springs). While the story is fictitious, a lot of the people are based on real characters in the town. It’s first in a series and I’m working on the second one now. AND if you do get to El Dorado Springs and you stop at one of the businesses make sure you tell them you read about them. They love hearing that.


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