Handmade with Love

{Image Via: SsekoDesigns.com}

I received these sandals as a Christmas gift last year and have been meaning to write about them ever since!


When I received them, I was just excited to have a pair of sandals like I’d been seeing in a few stores – the kind that have interchangeable fabric straps that can be tied many different ways. But now I know a little more about the story behind the sandals and that makes me love them even more. They’re from a company called Sseko (pronounced Say-Ko) that’s based in Uganda. The company was started as a way to give women the opportunity to earn an income and continue on to college.

{Image Via: SsekoDesigns.com}

So far, three classes have graduated from Sseko and gone on to college. You can meet these talented women here.

And, here are the sandals they make:

The leather sandal is the “base,” and the loops give you a place to thread the fabric straps through.

The fabric straps come in many different colors. Mine are gold, but here are all of the available colors.

{Image Via: SsekoDesigns.com}

I think my next purchase will be these Summer Sorbet Chiffon Straps. Pretty!

Although there are different ways to tie the straps, I’ve only mastered about three. Here’s my favorite and go-to way to tie them.

(Warning: You are about to get up close and personal with my feet.)

Start by threading the fabric through the loop at the toe.

Good job. Step one is complete!

Pull the fabric straps towards you.

Then thread them through the middle loops on each side.

Next, cross them over the top of your foot, like so, then tie in the back.

Voila! Your finished sandals.

Here are other ways you can tie them, too.

You can visit SsekoDesigns.com to learn more about their story or find a pair of your own 🙂

(This post was not sponsored by Sseko Designs. I just happen to like them and their story!)

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