The Burger Stand


A few weeks ago, I finally had a chance to eat at The Burger Stand in Lawrence, Kansas! My friend Andrea has been raving about this place for a long time, so I figured it was time to stop by and grab one of their delicious burgers.


Inside and out, The Burger Stand is a really cool building. The atmosphere is also laid-back with no frills: you order at a counter, find a table and grab your food from the kitchen window when it’s ready.


Here’s what I ordered: the Smoke Burger, topped with applewood smoked bacon, smoked gouda cheese and chipotle-cocoa ketchup, and a side of Cajun Fries. (They also had bacon-wrapped frog legs on the menu, but I’m not that adventurous.) Everything was absolutely delicious…. and considering I’m snowed in here in Kansas City today, I would give almost anything to be able to have this for lunch again today! (Delivery anyone?)

Check them out:

The Burger Stand at the Casbah
803 Massachusetts St  Lawrence, KS 66044

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