Spruce Meadows


When I flew into Calgary a few months ago, I was greeted by this baggage claim! Sadly, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to figure out what Spruce Meadows actually was, so I took a quick picture, lugged my overpacked bag off the carousel and continued on to customs, which is always a fun activity.

So, imagine my surprise on nearly the final day of my trip, when I learned Spruce Meadows was only an exit away from where I’d been working all week. Since I wasn’t flying out until the next morning and had a few hours to kill, I made the short trip to check it out.

Spruce Meadows Calgary

In short, Spruce Meadows is a show jumping facility that is both open to the public and free for commoners like you and I to visit!

Spruce Meadows Show Jumping Complex Calgary

On the day I visited, they were gearing up to host Nationals just a few days later. While I’m sad I missed the actual event, it was nice to have nearly the whole place to myself as I looked around.


It took me a little while to figure out where the barns were located, but I didn’t mind because the grounds are absolutely beautiful.


Inside the barn doesn’t disappoint either!

1234598_618802069230_252098771_n 1236270_618783266910_1107088490_n

If you visit their website, you can see all of the events they host, which include both equestrian events and an open invitation to visit the horses, ice skate on their pond, or take part in other activities throughout the year. If I head back to Calgary, I will definitely take them up on one of these offers!

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