The Lost Photos, Part I: Oregon

Today marks Part I of the “lost photos,” which is really just code for pictures I’ve taken and never posted here on MWB! Thankfully, today is your lucky day because I’ve dug these photos out from deep within the depths of my iPhone album.

Part I begins with Oregon, one of the most beautiful places I’ve been.

I usually stalk places I go on Google so I have an idea of what they look like, where to eat, etc., but I was in the middle of back-to-back trips when I went to Oregon, so I just showed up and was amazed!

I flew into Eugene, south of Portland, and grabbed an early dinner at a place called Newman’s Fish Co. I’m from land locked Kansas, so I jump on the opportunity to get fresh seafood when I go anywhere remotely close to an ocean (or the Delaware River, which I mistook for the ocean in this post.)

From Eugene, I drove an hour south to Roseburg, Oregon. Roseburg is only a short drive from Umpqua National Forest, which is where I took all the pictures in this post!

Sadly, by the time I arrived, it was almost dusk and I was alone and without cell phone reception – all the makings of a scary movie – so I settled for taking most of these pictures at scenic overlooks, where there was safety in numbers.

I’d love to go back with more time to see Umpqua, and make it to the Oregon coast which I hear is equally beautiful!

That’s all for now but I’ll be back soon with more “lost” photos!

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