I spent most of last week working in beautiful Colorado!


I flew in on Sunday (aka Superbowl Sunday) and headed to the mountains, about 20 minutes outside Denver. I ended up at an overlook in Golden, Colorado that just happened to be Buffalo Bill’s grave/museum, although I didn’t stop to pay my respects as I had pictures to take and a Superbowl to watch.


The views from Mr. Bill’s resting place are incredible, especially on a clear day like last Sunday.


While I was in Denver, I had dinner at a place called Root Down. I’d been to the airport location at the Denver airport a few months ago during a layover – and it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had! (I usually get stuck eating a nondescript and slightly wilted Cobb Salad at airport restaurants, so it was a nice and pleasant surprise.)


Their original location in Denver was amazing, too. It was very crowded, even on a Monday night at 7:15. (I’m probably just spoiled because most restaurants in Kansas City are a ghost town on Monday nights!) I had the Carrot & Thai Red Curry soup, and because I always like to order buffalo when it’s on the menu, the Bison Meatballs. Both were absolutely delicious! I will definitely go back next time I’m in Denver, and have tracked down a place to buy buffalo (the meat, not an entire animal) here in Kansas City in the meantime.

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