Prairie Sunset


You may have seen the title of this post and figured I was going to share a beautiful Kansas sunset.


I just got back from a different prairie…the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada. Saskatchewan has reminded me so much of Kansas – rolling hills, friendly people, big skies and pretty sunsets.


It took a little while to actually get to northern Saskatchewan. Weather delayed my flight to Denver, which caused me to miss my flight to Saskatoon. Sooo…I was stuck. In Denver. Thankfully, I got on standby for the last flight of the day, and after waiting five hours to see if I made it on the flight or not – I did! I was the last person they boarded.


I spent the night in Saskatoon then continued my journey north. My three hour drive brought me through some beautiful (snowy!) prairies, as well as wooded areas and even signs along the highway to watch out for moose! I don’t know how you’d like to leave this earth, but colliding head-on with a moose is not my cup of tea so I made sure to watch where I was going. (I would’ve loved to see a moose on the side of the road, though, from the safety of my car. Maybe next time…)


Once I got to my destination, I noticed many of the cars at the hotel were plugged in to electrical outlets on the side of the hotel. I’d heard of people doing this in cold areas, to keep their car engines warm, but had no idea how it worked. Was I supposed to leave it plugged in all night? Just a couple hours? And why wouldn’t the cord on the front of my car reach the outlet?

Thankfully, the lady at the front desk was an expert in keeping cars warm so she walked me through the whole process. I’d need to buy an extension cord, and I could leave it plugged in all night. I followed her instructions and plugged in my car each night…which is a good thing, considering it was -30 a few nights I was there!


Now that I have my extension cord (and know how to use it), I’m ready to enjoy another Canadian sunset anytime!

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