Long Weekend in Tahoe

Have you ever been somewhere so amazing that it makes you wonder why you live where you do???

Well, that’s how I felt when I visited Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago!

My sister had been invited to a good friend’s wedding, and since we usually take a trip together every summer, she brought me along and we combined the wedding with our annual Sisters Vacation!

After flying into Reno, we rented a car and drove to Northstar Ski Resort, where we’d rented a condo. Upon checking in, the front desk person reminded us not to leave our cars or the condo unlocked because of bears…yes, BEARS!!! I then Googled all these articles about bear break-ins around Lake Tahoe, which really wasn’t a smart thing to do, but as you can see I made it out alive.

On Saturday morning, we ventured to downtown Truckee which is pretty much the cutest mountain town you’ve ever seen. Some of our friends had suggested a place called Marty’s Cafe for brunch, and it was incredible! Imagine fresh squeezed orange juice in mason jars and meals with a home cooked feel (and generous portions). Yes, I had a cocktail dress to squeeze into later that day, but I still indulged and enjoyed an amazing brunch. (See above pic, taken by my sis!)

After brunch, we began the process of looking presentable and headed to the wedding. The wedding was right by the beach and surrounded by the forest. It was beautiful! My only regret was that after my huge brunch and dinner at the wedding, I didn’t have room for the s’mores bar that was part of the reception. I’ve always thought that was such a cute idea!

After coffee on our porch the next morning (thankfully, without the company of any bears), we met up with some friends to ride the gondola up to the top of the mountain…

Even though it was kind of a cloudy day, it was our last day in Tahoe and we really wanted to kayak in Emerald Bay. We’d heard it was a beautiful place and after a busy weekend, it just sounded so relaxing and fun. So, we went for it and squeezed in a whole hour of kayaking with no rain whatsoever! Here are some pictures of Emerald Bay, if you are still awake and reading this…

(Please tell me why I live in Kansas?)

Anyways, needless to say I was very sad to leave the next day!

On another note…you may notice things are looking a little different around here! Let me explain. A few months ago, I started designing and making greeting cards. Until now, I’ve only sold them to friends and family but as you can see, I’m gearing up to sell them on a wider scale. Hopefully, when I’m a wealthy greeting card entrepreneur, I will have lots more stories and photos of weekends in Tahoe to entertain you with. Until then, I’ll keep you updated on when I’m officially open for business! xo

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