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KC Barbecue Tour Stop #4: Oklahoma Joe’s


Today, I’m excited to (finally!) unveil the FOURTH stop on the Kansas City BBQ Tour!

Yes friends, it’s actually happening. You may have thought this day would never come. Well, it’s here!

To catch you up on the backstory, back in…ohh…2011… I had this grand idea of eating at local BBQ restaurants and posting about them here on MWB. Unfortunately, I have been moving at a snail’s pace.

It’s about quality people…not quantity.

Not to be biased, as this is a deeply scientific and fair/balanced study of local restaurants, but Oklahoma Joe’s is my absolute favorite restaurant in…the world!


First off, you should know their original location is in a gas station. It’s not fancy. Personally, I like it! You can multi-task and fill up on gas before or after filling up on lunch (or dinner.) If eating in gas stations isn’t your thing, you can check out their two non-gas-station locations.


While everything at Ok Joe’s is good, I recommend the Z-Man Sandwich (brisket topped with an onion ring and provolone, served on a bun) with a Coke and side of onion rings. Or cole slaw. Or both. I also love the Carolina Pork Sandwich (pulled pork and cole slaw on a bun.) You really can’t go wrong! Oh, their fries are good too. Just FYI.

In case you’d like to check them out, here’s their website.

You can also dig deep into history and peruse the other posts in my KC BBQ Tour here.

The Burger Stand


A few weeks ago, I finally had a chance to eat at The Burger Stand in Lawrence, Kansas! My friend Andrea has been raving about this place for a long time, so I figured it was time to stop by and grab one of their delicious burgers.


Inside and out, The Burger Stand is a really cool building. The atmosphere is also laid-back with no frills: you order at a counter, find a table and grab your food from the kitchen window when it’s ready.


Here’s what I ordered: the Smoke Burger, topped with applewood smoked bacon, smoked gouda cheese and chipotle-cocoa ketchup, and a side of Cajun Fries. (They also had bacon-wrapped frog legs on the menu, but I’m not that adventurous.) Everything was absolutely delicious…. and considering I’m snowed in here in Kansas City today, I would give almost anything to be able to have this for lunch again today! (Delivery anyone?)

Check them out:

The Burger Stand at the Casbah
803 Massachusetts St  Lawrence, KS 66044

Big Sky

There’s a bar here in Kansas City called PBR Big Sky. It’s a chain and the kind of place where female bartenders wear chaps you could never quite squeeze your own thighs into, and girls in denim skirts – who probably shouldn’t be straddling anything in public – always seem to end up on the mechanical bull, while Copperhead Road plays overhead.


While the phrase “Big Sky” generally refers to Montana, the term applies to Kansas as well. The sky is big and blue, and in some places, you can make out thunderstorms miles away, despite the fact it’s perfectly clear where you’re standing.


It’s gorgeous, in a simple way, and one of the reasons I love calling Kansas home.